Mr. Colon I just wanted to say thank you so much for convincing me to take your class. I cannot begin to tell you how it has changed me, I know you are probably laughing right now but it has. I felt like I was in a rut. It is finally nice to have done something for myself and to feel good about it. I just went down in couple sizes. I was shopping for new clothes yesterday. I am shocked that I did it. I am getting ridiculously annoying to my family and friends cause I am so excited but you know what I don't care for once. You all are so great and supportive which makes it a lot easier for me. I know it wasn't like I had to lose 100 pounds and everyone would ask me why am I doing this, I don't need to but the thing is I did. I needed to feel better about myself and now I do, so thanks!!

AnnMarie M. - student & mother of 2 (both students!)

I have been a student of Tong Dragon since February of 2014 (nearly six months at the time of this post). When I joined, I had no martial arts experience, but in a relatively short time, Mr. Colon and his staff have helped make it "my thing." The Bayville facility is large enough to accommodate big classes and it is always clean. As great as that is, the people at Tong Dragon, staff and fellow students, are what make this place special. Mr. Colon and the other instructors are fantastic motivators, pushing everyone to reach their individual bests. The student body is full of helpful, genuine people who are always happy to pass on what they have learned as well. It is definitely not a martial arts gym full of meatheads or problem characters like some of the other places I have heard about. Mr. Colon attracts good people to his gym because of the positive, professional vibe he puts out. The personal benefits I've received from training at Tong Dragon range from a higher fitness level to increased focus. But the technical aspects of learning a martial art like Muay Thai kickboxing have made me a happier person at home and work. The confidence gained from moving up ranks and mastering new techniques is what makes me want to remain a student for many years.

Justin Roach

Mr. Colon,

When we first brought Chris into class 8 years ago, we were not quite sure what to expect. He was sort of a timid boy and we were not sure if martial arts would be for him, but after he got his white belt, you would have thought he was just handed a gold brick. We did not know it then, but a transformation had begun.

Six years later, as he stood before you to receive his Black Belt, that timid little boy had turned into a strong, focused, determined young man. It was probably the proudest moment of his life, and certainly one of the proudest of ours. As he heads off to college this fall, the skills and qualities he has gained from you and your staff will serve him well in his studies and far into his adulthood. He wears the TDMMA emblem proudly on his arm and will always consider himself part of the Tong Dragon family.

I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to you and your staff for all you have done for Chris these past years. TDMMA is the best!


Geoff and Liz Barger

The Barger Family

Sifu,I completed my second year as a student at Tong Dragon Academy and provide the following comments on my experience during year two.A couple of new belts and armbands with different colors and new stripes for my BJJ belt.A deeper understanding of the Martial Arts and an appreciation for the strategy and techniques.Many more friends and shared experiences that will be remembered.Instructors who are professional, committed, knowledgeable, and student focused.Facilities, equipment, and website updated to remain relevant.Successful competitive fighters.Several seminars lead by accomplished Martial Artists which provided new experiences and horizons.Periodically classes pose physical and mental challenges to attend, however extreme satisfaction is always experienced at the conclusion.My commitment to the Martial Arts grew with time.The investment in money, time, and physical and mental effort are rewarded with large dividends of personal satisfaction.
Thanks again for another wonderful year, I will report again at the end of year three.Well Done!

Larry N., TDMMA Student, 53 years young, after year 2 here and climbing Mt Washington

Anthony is a very bright student.His academic skills are great due to his ability to recognize letters, shapes, colors and numbers.His motor skills can be improved by coloring, cutting and practicing pencil use at home.His martial arts has improved his patience in the classroom and I believe he will easily transition into the pre-k class.
Mary Reck, Director

Red Apple Day Care Teacher Evaluation, about Anthony F., Child student

As a police officer and a defensive tactics instructor I am faced with the fact that I will be involved with physical confrontations.In addition I have the responsibility to instruct other officers in this field.Submission grappling gives law enforcement officers the ability to control situations that go to the ground.Studies have shown a large percentage of physical confrontations involving law enforcement,namely arrest situations, and go to the ground.Tong Dragon has provided me with the techniques, endurance and mindset to win the confrontation.I would recommend this training to all law enforcement.

Lt Paul Hafner, Ocean County Police Officer & Defensive Tactics Instructor


I completed a year with you last month and wanted to give you some feedback on my experience.Tong Dragon Academy has exceeded my expectations for the following reasons.

It has allowed me to maintain peak physical condition and work on my flexibility and reaction time.Establish a true perspective on the effectiveness and capability of the mixed martial arts.Participate in a warrior environment with a high degree of respect, discipline, and camaraderie.Developed respectful relationships with many peers of different ages.Every class is new and exciting and always has something different and interesting.The variety of learning 3 martial arts at the same time is fulfilling.The environment in the Academy is always pleasant and conducive to learning.Instructors are highly qualified, well respected and earn their positions every class.Even when class is mentally and physically challenging to attend, there is always a sense of accomplishment and well being when completed.Congratulations on all that you do, I am extremely pleased to be a student in your Academy.I always look forward to attending. Thank you for expanding my horizons, I expect a long relationship with the Academy.Well done!
Very respectfully,


Larry N, TDMMA Student, 52 years young


Since joining Tong Dragon, I have had nothing but great experiences and gains. Tong Dragon offers every option for training, self defense, cardio and strength and conditioning.I take advantage of all the classes offered as well as supplementing with the Kettlebell training.As a female, the important things for me are: a safe and friendly environment, learning self defense, challenging workouts, staying in shape and the ability to compete.

Tong Dragon has become a second home and family for me. Everyone, including staff and students, make it a fun place to train and keeps me coming back.  I feel more empowered having learned self defense, which has also boosted my confidence.The cardio workout is insane and definitely better than anything I could ever do on my own.My cardio endurance has increased tremendously and keeps getting better.Until Kettlebells was offered, I always felt as though I was missing a part of my workout and that I should find time to go to the gym.Now that it is offered at the school, I feel like I can accomplish it all at one place.I have lost 20 lbs, 9 inches and transformed my body.I am completely addicted and tell everyone about my passion for Martial Arts and Kettlebell training.

Thank you to everyone at Tong Dragon for making it such a great place to train.

Carolyn Card, Freehold NJ

Sifu,I finished my third year at Tong Dragon and provide the following observations.The Academy experience is a significant incentive to continue to participate.Standards remain high.Kali and Kettlebells training provided welcomed new experiences.A deeper understanding and appreciation for the martial arts.Allows for maintaining high physical fitness.Increasing network of new students.Congratulations for a job well done and look forward to reporting at the end of year four.

Larry, Adult Student, 3rd year review

Mr. Colon & staff:
I am writing this letter to thank all of you for your part in our children's development. Over the last several years Tong Dragon as been a positive influence with their decision making, focus and commitment.
As they move into their teen age years, the lessons they have learned become a critical part of good decision making as well as reinforce the values we teach at home!

We first started them in your school to keep them in good physical shape as well as keeping them involved with team activities. While this has been accomplished, the other benefits are far greater and will have a bigger effect on their growth.

Our family is very grateful for what you represent and have taught our children over the years and look forward to many more.

The Merlo Family

Vincent & Emma Merlo

I have been training at Tong Dragon for over a year and think that the staff is completely professional and friendly. Training Martial Arts as a female can be intimidating but Mr. Colon makes every class fun and exciting. He pushes you to your limit and shows you what potential you have. He is a modest teacher and makes you feel confident that you are training with a knowledgeable staff and breaks everything down. He is patient with his students and treats everyone equally. Tong Dragon is a great place to train!


Tong Dragon is awesome!!! Mr. Colon and all the other instructors are very professional,qualified, friendly and are all around great people. The classes are very fun and will get you in shape/ teach you all the skills you need for which ever martial art you train...Muay Thai, BJJ, No Gi Grappling and MMA. The school is great for anyone/any age...from the kids classes to the adult/ fighter classes, there's def. a class for everyone in the family!

Pat B

Great place for both kids and adults. No flashy, theatrical board breaking, just practical, useful martial arts skills. Mr. Colon and staff take a very personal interest in every student and help them reach their full potential. Go check it out, you'll be glad you did.


Tong Dragon is a stellar martial arts school. Mr. Colon and his entire staff are very qualified, professional, and genuine. My two boys not only receive solid and consistent training, but have instructors that care and take interest in their development. Training at Tong Dragon has developed and strengthened core values like respect, discipline, confidence, and optimism in both my sons. The school continues to better them as martial artists, competitors, and young men on and off the mat. Tong Dragon does not disappoint!

Amy B

Tong Dragon is a wonderful place for martial arts! Mr. Colon and all of the staff are very nice, helpful, and professional. We started with my son, then my husband, next was my daughter, and now me.. It's our second home. For kids, it shows them respect, confidence, safety, and the are having fun at the same time. As for adults, or for my husband and I, it changed our way of living and motivates us to do something for ourselves, and as a family! For my husband, who trained before, and myself who has never, Mr. Colon and his instructors are very helpful and are always making sure you have the proper technique, and push you to do your best! It is a great place to be a part of!!

Cucinotta Family

Mr Colon and his staff has been training both my boys for about 4 years. Tong dragon instructors are dedicated to developing self esteem well being as well as the martial arts. I can't say enough good things.


Tong dragon is an exceptional place, where everyone is treated like family. My daughter has learned important physical & life skills, confidence, self discipline & more, that has helped make her a wonderful & well rounded girl. I couldn't recommend Tong Dragon enough.

Laureen C

Hi my name is Michael McMunn, I am 24 years old and am living proof with exercise, diet and determination you can achieve your weight loss goals. When I graduated high school in 2006 I was 278lbs with low self-esteem and in need of some major changes in my unhealthy lifestyle. When I was 18 years old I finally got up the courage to join a gym and start exercising. I was soon hooked on exercising and changed my whole diet around and was able to get my weight down to about 225. Then in January 2010 I looked into joining Tong Dragon Mixed Martial Arts after recommendations by some of its members. That is where I met Master Instructor Eric Colon who has been training me in Muay Thai, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts. Under the instruction of Eric Colon at TDMMA, I have been able to meet my weight loss goal of losing 100lbs. I now weigh 178lbs and am in the best shape I have been in my entire life from training at TDMMA.

Michael McMunn Jr.

Michael McMunn Jr.

I am so glad that my daughter does Tong Dragon MMA. She was on the school bus and 3 older girls were picking on her. One pushed her down. She said stop and they pulled her hair and said "What are you going to do?". So she took care of all of them. Now she has the same girls leaving everyone on the bus alone. They don't pick on anybody anymore.


What you see is what you get with owner and operator of Tong Dragon,sincere,genuine,
professional. Eric is da man!

Darren "Checkmate" Maciunski, Pro Boxer

I absolutely loved the physical challenge & continuos change of each muscle used

Lisa Stavely-Nurse

I''ve been a student at TDMMA for more than 15 years, and both of my children go too (my son for 5 years and my daughter ever since she was 3). It is, and I say without hesitation, the best martial art experience I've ever had the pleasure and privelege to be a part of. The skills taught (while incomparable in and of themselves, covering all skill levels from day-one entrants to professional MMA fighters and everything in between), are matched by the way the children who attend are morally and ethically encouraged to become the best that they can be on all levels. My whole family is proud to be counted as part of the Tong Dragon family.

Ben Riley-Corrections Officer

My son absolutely loves Tong Dragon MMA!!! He enjoys his daily MMA class and his weekly BJJ class!!! He is determined to get his Black Belt!!

Kristen Blair

Tong Dragon MMA is my family's home away from home. My 10 year old daugter and 7 year old son train mma. My wife, who was hesitant at first to train, is going for her green armband in muay tai and now is as addicted to training as I am. My 16 year old nephew is also training. As for myself, I am a 39 year old costruction worker that has never felt better. I do mma , muay tai and brazillian jujitsu. Mr. Colon and his staff are second to none. They are professional and know how to get the best out of each student. For children, it shows them self discipline, confidence, teaches them to focus, but at the same time they are having fun. Mr. Colon and his staff make it feel like a big family, and it is a great feeling to have my wife and kids be a part of this journey with me and be a part of the Tong Dragon family.

Mike C

We have three children who go to Tong Dragon mixed martial arts.They have been going to the school for the last 10years.Not only do my children love the experience,the self discipline, learning techniques, self control,and self confidence!Mr Colon head instructor is a wonderful role model for our children he gives each child the training they need for the years to come. I can't say enough great thongs about our school.It\'s not just a school, we are a. family.No only do our children go, but my husband trains there as sell.Helps him stay focused and learn the techniques he needs to keep him safe in his job in law enforcement.My older children Joe and Nick are 2nd degree black belts and want to continue with their goals of continuing to strive for more and to keep learning
Our daughter Alexis is striving to receive her first black belt this April.Our Oldest son Joseph enjoyed all he has learned at TDMMA he wanted to teach all new children who go to train!!!

Michelle Valentino-Nurse

Tong dragon is a firm yet fun training environment. Its a great balance of, cardio, skill & technique, and great positive energy. Instructors are knowledgable and down to earth. I am a current student and I love it!

John Higgins

My experience at TDMMA was the best. They have great discipline and the instructors are extremely good I love the classes and I would recomend TDMMA TO ANY ONE.

Colton H

Best school around, bar none.

Rob Farley-Police Officer

AWESOME CLASS TODAY! They're amazing here I can't say enough good things about the instructors!!! In the past 11 weeks there is such a HUGE difference in Matthew John's self-esteem and self-confidence!The coordination alone is so different.I have noticed it big time on the soccer field!!! You guys are the best!

Mary Wissel

Down 8lbs from only 10 Muay Thai classes! Thanks sir for getting me working out again. Looking forward to putting the gloves back on tomorrow. Not sure how pretty my new pedicure looks on my feet from kicking pads so hard tonight lol!

Laureen Publicover

My daughter and I are both students here. She is only 6, but is determined to earn her black belt. She loves the instructors and the other kids. Everyone I have worked with in my classes has been helpful and friendly. It's a great school and definitely worth a try!

April Hoffman

Tong Dragon MMA has opened a new chapter in my life. After years of playing many different traditional sports, performing all different types of workouts, at 39, I stepped into the world of Martial Arts. Due to the professionalism of Eric Colon and all his instructors, my life is forever changed.

Chuck Diou

Tong Dragon MMA is by far one of the best schools you can find. They really make you feel like family and it drives you into just wanting to come back. A++

Jacob Rivera

If you enjoy MMA this is the place to be! Or if you're just trying to get in shape this is the place! Went to one 45 minute class and I was hooked. Everyone is super nice and very helpful and the atmosphere is just really great. I recommend anyone and everyone comes here.

Manny Gomes

We enrolled our son at Tong Dragon when he was ten years old. At the time, he was struggling with confidence and self esteeem. After one week of meeting Mr Colon, we knew we had found the perfect school. It's been over four years now & our son has developed into a self assured & independent young man. He trains four or five days per week, competes in tournaments regularly & has even begun helping with instruction of the kids classess. I myself started training there last year & I could not recommend the school highly enough. Whether it be for the kids or yourself, the instruction is second to none and the environment is friendly and welcoming. You won't be disappointed.

Marc Ackerman

Great training and instructors. I would highly recommend anyone to this school. They are eager to help you and make sure your doing your techniques correctly..

Amy P.